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Members: Clint McCoy (Bass) , Billy Saul McCoy (Drums)
Elvis McCoy (Lead Guitar), Goatboy McCoy (Rhythm Guitar),


Cletus McCoy (Lead Vocals)

Origin:  Your Town, USA


Genres:  Americana Roots, Rock, Cow Punk


Years Active:  2005- Present


Label:  Across The Aisle Music



Short Bio

A Roots Rock outfit with one foot in the garage and the other on a tipsy roadhouse barstool, their songs recall an era of lesser hygiene and greater guitar riffs.

The five-piece has played sweat-soaked shows to ecstatic and inebriated audiences all over America, including SXSW in Austin, TX and AmericanaFest in Nashville, TN. They have recorded two full length albums of original songs: their debut LP, The Bottle & The Gun, and their latest, The Howl & The Growl.

The Howl & The Growl peaked at #75 and #48 on the AMA and Alt-Root Americana Charts and placed in the Top 100 Albums of the Year in both the Americana music magazines No Depression and Alternate Root. 



The album’s first single, “Whole Lotta Folsom,” received heavy airplay on Sirius XM’s Outlaw Country station, was a “Top 10 Songs of the Week” and “Top 5 Most Added” on the AMA Americana Chart, and garnered airplay on 100 radio stations and internet outlets worldwide, including in the UK, Spain, Germany, Australia, Uruguay, Canada, and Texas.


"I’m playin’ the shit outta this record. It's like Johnny Cash and Zeppelin were out on tour in 1972 and recorded in a Memphis Holiday Inn.”

—Mojo Nixon, Sirius XM Outlaw Country


"The Surreal McCoys successfully put Hank Williams into the garage and stick The Replacements on stage at a honky tonk.”—Alternate Root Magazine


“Who are The Surreal McCoys? Your favorite new cowpunk band.”—LA Weekly


“Raucus, rocking and relentless…”—Country Standard Time


“These guys deliver sweaty, maximum energy tunes about love, loss and ramblin’”—Elmore Magazine


Label: Across The Aisle Music

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